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Letterhead Printing Company

If there is one item of stationary that all businesses must have, it is paper with letterhead printing.

If you are currently trying to decide whether or not you wish to get letterhead printing done for you business, consider the advantages of doing so:

  • Signifies a clear company brand.
  • Communicates important contact information.
  • Shows professionalism.
  • Makes an impact.
  • Saves on your own ink when you would be printing your logo on pages.
  • Attracts the attention of the recipient before they start reading the content.


Although a lot of correspondence is conducted through email these days, most important official documents still need to be sent on paper. Any business that wants to appear as a legitimate and trustworthy business should have business letterhead paper with its company logo and details on.

Business letterhead paper

At, all letterhead designs are printed on high quality A4 (210mm x 297mm) 90gsm or 120gsm paper; recommends 120gsm for exceptional quality. This ensures a clean and crisp print design on quality paper that can be used for everyday office purposes, as well as for official documentation and correspondence to customers and clients alike. There are huge advantages to getting cheap letterhead printing done, not least of which is that you will not have to worry about your coloured ink supplies running low over time.

Some businesses try to save on stationary costs by simply using a letterhead template on their computer and printing it out with every letter they write. This actually ends up costing more money in the long run, as certain coloured inks will run dry extremely quickly using this method. There is nothing worse than a letterhead that has been printed out on low ink. It looks unprofessional and of poor quality, which is never the image a business would want to portray!

Choosing cheap letterhead printing with

We are a leading name in letterhead printing UK and we can help to make your business stationary look professional, modern and cutting edge. We use the best products and supplies to provide you with products that you are guaranteed to be more than happy with.

If you have a strong design vision for what you wish your letterheads to look like, send us an email with your design right now. We will upload it onto our system and have it ready for you in no longer than three working days. If you require a little assistance with the design process, we have a fully qualified letterhead printing UK team that can turn your ideas into a solid design concept.

If you need more information about our letterhead printing services, we are just one call away from you on 0845 3370 251.